The Pub Jog

Beginners Guide

For those of you planning to do your first Pub Jog, a few tips...

  • Clothing.. Always order a Pub Jog t-shirt (essential) but apart from that there is running involved so wear suitable clothing and trainers. The winter Pub Jog can be particularly cold so jogging bottoms or tracksters are a good idea.

  • Don't go off too fast... Best piece of advice for the novice is PACE YOURSELF. The Pub Jog should not be treated lightly, if you drink too much early on you will suffer as the evening gets on.. you may be tempted to keep with the guys who've done it before but trust me, know your limits! If you're a first year you've got another couple of years of these things to improve your beer intake!

  • Tea-total...? Although the Pub Jog is primarily an excuse for excessive drink don't be put off if you're not a great drinker. There is no pressure to complete the 'pint a pub' challenge and no shame in taking it easy for whatever reason.

  • I think I'm gonna.... Drinks to avoid, or at least avoid too many of are Guinness, wine (just ask Rowena) and too many shorts. While moving down to shorts in the latter stages is sometimes an excellent plan to alleviate the sheer volume of beer problem, shorts stay in your system longer ergo you absorb more of the alcohol.

  • Hmmmmm.... Bikes... bad idea. This is a Pub JOG not a Pub CYCLE.. in the past it has been known for bikes of offending people to end up in the most unlikely of places!

  • Please.... The various pubs are always very accommodating for us (except for the ones that have banned) so please do not remove glasses from the premises and respect the staff!

  • Most of all... ENJOY YOURSELF!

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